Faith Harvest Fellowship 

Faith Harvest Fellowship has contributed financially to the building of Dr. Buconyori Boys High School over the last several years.  Vickie Reynen (Africa Director's wife for Free Methodist missions) had invited us to send representatives to the grand opening of the school in February 2017.  We declined but made plans to visit the school, meet students and staff and be encouragement during our summer break from school. Pastor Dave, Becky, and Melanie (thanks to the church for funding the trip) left Seattle June 10 and returned June 26, 2017.  In communication with Vickie Reynen (Africa Director's wife for Free Methodist Missions) Dave had learned that the school had not yet started a library and had no computers.

Sentinel HS library was glad to donate books being culled from their collection.  Upon request, Missoula County Public Schools district also was glad to donate 10 decommissioned laptops. Two more were donated by Missoula Public Library employees. These 12 computers and 100 lbs. of library books were packed in our luggage and delivered to the school along with $1000 US to give to the school where needed.  It was inspiring to us to get to know administration, teachers, and the 18 freshmen students in this first year of operation. While there, we were invited to guest teach some math, English, Christian Religious Education, and business classes.  Thank you to those at the school that welcomed us so warmly and thank you again to Faith Harvest for making this trip possible. To God be the glory.